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Prepress companies in the packaging industry can markedly increase their productivity with Order Entry, MIS and portal solutions from QBF. Our ARAMIS and PORTOS products make it possible for you to experience seamless and highly automated job management. Reduce your production time, your error rate, and your costs by implementing these one-of-a-kind industry solutions.

Read more about the QBF Management Information System (MIS) ARAMIS.

Here you can find more information about PORTOS, the Customer Internet Portals of QBF.

For the third time in a row, QBF was present in the PartnerZone at EskoWorld. The four-day event this year took place in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL and, again, was a complete success. Further to the networking with customers and interested parties mainly from the USA, again, the great possibilities of integration of the QBF solutions with Esko systems were successfully presented. Furthermore, QBF’s CEO, Willi Welsch, was interviewed on the EskoWorld by Pat Henry of WhatTheyThink (Market Intelligence for Printing and Publishing) on the topic "The Challenges of MIS for the Packaging Sector". You can watch the full interview here:

QBF’s presence on this year’s EskoWorld will be themed: “It has never been so easy to automate and streamline your business!”. This does not only refer to the integration possibilities of Esko solutions with the highly comfortable JDF interface created by QBF, but the focus will also be on the numerous “Out of the box” automations in order entry and production controlling which are possible with the solution ARAMIS. Like never before, ARAMIS users can reduce entry errors and multiple entries. Afterwards, a complete and transparent flow of information will provide for faster production times, a better overview and maximum efficiency. Visit our booth at the PartnerZone of EskoWorld to find out more – also about the upcoming new ARAMIS version.

V&W Graphics Ltd. has received the EFIA Award "Repro Company of the Year" 2013 in England – and at the same time decided to introduce the MIS (Management Information System) ARAMIS. The flexo specialist from Alford, Lincolnshire is highly focused on customer-oriented quality management and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Connected thereto are optimal logistics within the company, i.a. to keep the „Time-to-Market“ as short as possible. In ARAMIS, V&W Graphics Ltd. has found the perfect system to support the respective workflows. This also refers to the straightforward use of JDF for the integration of the existing Esko systems. The operation of ARAMIS at V&W Graphics Ltd. will include 50 workstations.

After a successful participation last year, QBF will be present again on the EskoWorld 2013 in the USA. During the customer conference which is taking place in Phoenix, AZ from 19 May to 22 May 2013, QBF will present their current solutions for prepress service providers in the Esko PartnerZone.
Integration and Automation are more and more evolving to one of the main topics of the event. QBF is the MIS vendor with the most integrations of MIS solutions with Esko’s workflow management systems. From order entry to the finished plates the QBF solutions ARAMIS (order entry / job management) and PORTOS (customer web portals) are seamlessly connected to Automation Engine and WebCenter, so that an optimum information flow back and forth is achieved.
In the PartnerZone on the EskoWorld, interested parties can get in touch with the QBF experts and get a live impression of the solutions.

Apart from an installation in Sweden, QBF is very proud to report the first order of an Indian prepress service provider.

Olympus Premedia from Chennai (formerly Madras), a company specializing in artwork services, particularly for the packaging sector, is collaborating intensively with European and American customers. The high number of fast paced jobs is making high demands on internal organization and job management. Olympus Premedia has therefore decided to opt for the introduction of the MIS solution ARAMIS. With the new system and the support of QBF’s long-time experience in the packaging industry with numerous prepress service providers, a considerable optimization of the job management is to be expected during the coming months. The next step will be an efficient connection of the clients through the QBF customer web portal PORTOS. For QBF, this is the entry to the emerging Indian market.

The Swedish prepress service provider Mediaköket Grafiska AB, located in Helsingborg, has decided for a comprehensively integrated solution – the combination of the QBF web portal PORTOS and the MIS ARAMIS for the internal job management. Through the connection with the production workflow (Esko’s Automation Engine and WebCenter), Mediaköket has focused on high-level automation and integration right from the beginning. The company has also profoundly analyzed and structured their processes during the past year. Due to the company presently finding itself in a phase of strong growth, Mediaköket was aware of a need for the best possible solutions for workflow and communication right from the start. By opting for PORTOS and ARAMIS, Mediaköket has decided for the most widespread solution worldwide for prepress service providers.

QBF takes another step towards automation and integration of production with the Aramis MIS: The automated import of the actual plate dimensions straight from the CDI. This new module allows you to automatically import the plate measurements, add customer-individual handling, and assign it to the correct plate material. No more manual measuring, no more errors, no more customer complaints. Read more in our White Paper

In December 2012, the English FlexoTech Magazine published an article about the advantages and key benefits of management information systems (MIS) at packaging prepress companies: "Get connected: MIS will make workflow easier". The article refers especially to the leading business solution ARAMIS from QBF, which is up and running at companies like YRG Group, Contact Originators, Reprographic Systems, und Matthews Brand Solutions. Editor Neel Madsen starts her article with the following sub headline: "Optimise your workflow by using MIS will increase productivity, save time and money, and give customers a more streamlined experience." Read the entire article here: Open PDF file

After a successful participation in EskoWorld in New Orleans (see news below), the attendance of the Esko UK User Conference has been a complete success as well. On September 6th, 2012, in the time-honoured halls of Loughborough University in Leicestershire, QBF, as part of the group “Pre-Press Workflow”, presented the complete intergation of ARAMIS and PORTOS with Automation Engine and WebCenter by Esko. Moreover, QBF was present with an own stand in the Partner Zone. Both activities lead to a very active and promising exchange of information with newly interested parties, existing customers and the on-site Esko specialists.

Print form management simplifies trade shops' daily operations tremendously through its automatic and transparent management of sleeves, among other things. And QBF will soon offer several new functions in ARAMIS for this very purpose. Specific parameters — including price — can now be assigned to individual sleeves. When entering job specifications, ARAMIS displays the available sleeves in stock for each color. After choosing the desired sleeve, this industry solution even generates positions for the pre- or post-calculation at the press of a button. Furthermore, the various processes that the sleeve undergoes are visualized for every single form. The printing of packing slips automatically guides stock withdrawal, whereby the individual sleeve parameters are available once again upon return. With its automatic handling of the newly stocked sleeve components, even the "cutting" of sleeves can be managed by ARAMIS.

Would you like to learn more about print form management or experience an online demo? If so, please call Frank Nigbur ( +49 221 399091-0

>On June 18 and 19, QBF was represented among the Partner Zone at EskoWorld 2012. In choosing New Orleans, Esko settled on a special location for this event. At the start of the exhibition, QBF's CEO Willi Welsch gave visitors a 10-minute introduction with the core message: "It's the right time for MIS integration." He also took part in a panel discussion on MIS integration and appeared alongside sales rep Helmut Wickler and Head of Software Development Ingo Busch at the QBF booth to field questions and provide presentations. It linked the QBF team to several promising contacts and sped up activities in the U.S. market of trade shops and print service providers.

REPROGRAPHIC SYSTEMS, the Irish specialist for packaging prepress with HD Flexo production, has a goal: to create an internal workflow that is completely paperless. ARAMIS, the MIS from QBF, will make an essential contribution to their digital job bag. Reprographics has tasked the Cologne-based company with the installation of MIS industry solutions in both of its locations in Lurgan (Northern Ireland) and Dublin. Yet another giant step toward greater automation and error prevention is JDF integration of the available Esko solutions. Reprographics benefits from this as one of the first adopters of the Standard Package for JDF Integration, which is designed by Esko especially for ARAMIS users. The good cooperation between QBF and Esko was an important factor in Reprographics’ choice of ARAMIS. A further advantage was the customization options offered by ARAMIS: for example, the logging of specifications for digital printing that Reprographics’ Lurgon branch uses for small print runs and packaging prototype production. Reprographics has found its ideal partner in QBF — for a modern, automated, and paperless workflow.

types GmbH specializes in multichannel media production and has used the ARAMIS management information system for many years. With the founding of Netshaus, the Stuttgart-Weilimdorf-based company would like to offer improved online productivity. Since EPS GmbH, a data-management company that belongs to their “group,” has been very pleased with ARAMIS, QBF’s industry solution will also be implemented at Netshaus. Here, too, the solutions will concentrate on job control and internal control.

Following a successful conference appearance at INFO*FLEX in San Antonio in March 2012 (click here for photoszweites Bild) QBF is busy planning its next conference attendance in the United States. On June 18 and 19, the Cologne, Germany-based company will showcase its industry solutions for packaging prepress in the PartnerZone at EskoWorld 2012 in New Orleans. As Esko's leading MIS integration partner in prepress, QBF places particular emphasis on JDF integration in ARAMIS, its one-of-a-kind MIS solution, with Automation Engine 10 from Esko. An exclusive package was recently introduced by Esko especially for this integration (read more here). At EskoWorld both partners will also present a new demonstration video on the special features of integration. The first version of this video (watch it here) has been highly regarded in the packaging industry for several years. A further point of emphasis will be the presentation of the PORTOS products from QBF. This concerns Internet customer and project management portals, designed especially for packaging prepress. PORTOS has already been integrated with Esko WebCenter for several mutual clients and is therefore a seamless addition to the success stories of this partnership.

For years QBF has been Esko's leading integration partner for MIS solutions in the packaging prepress stage. This relationship owes itself as much to the unique features of QBF's industry solutions as it does to the outstanding JDF interface that QBF provides. JDF is an especially important requirement in the packaging prepress stage for the automatic exchange of color and barcode information as well as the comprehensive automation of various events (tasks). Thanks to the incredibly easy JDF configuration in ARAMIS and the combined experiences of around 45 clients, Esko now offers a unique package: "Standard integration with ARAMIS for print service providers (PSPs)." Available immediately, it combines the powerful integration features of JDF/JMF with our experience of around 10 high-level integrations, which are now described in a dedicated white paper. This package involves a significantly lower investment than similar high-level integrations into other (custom) MIS systems. Esko has already announced this exclusive deal with QBF to its global distribution network and anticipates very positive feedback. QBF is also looking forward to many joint integration ventures with Esko.

Increasing international demands have led QBF to extend support to additional languages​. We are therefore pleased to welcome Daniela Riße, who has been hired to address both Spanish and French support queries in the future. Thanks to her expertise, QBF has once again improved its in-house qualifications for international business.

The Tact Group delivers global packaging solutions in the areas of design, artwork, photography, repro, and print management. To move closer to its goal of globalized business operations, the Tact Group will use MIS solutions from QBF as well as an AE12 server in its Hong Kong and Shenzhen locations. The implementation of the systems should be completed by February 2012.

The latest successes in the US flexo markets have encouraged QBF to significantly expand its sales activities in the United States. To this end QBF is establishing a show room in Ohio. The flexo trade shops, many of which are located in the eastern area of the United States, can be optimally supported from this facility. Additionally, the QBF support infrastructure is expanded by a new facility, ensuring global access independent of time zones. QBF clients will benefit from this by more direct access and even better response times.

On November 1st, Matthews International in Pittsburgh launched QBF’s MIS business solution. William Braun, Director of Technology, complimented QBF on the "supportive and responsive" implementation. Matthews proves its confidence in the QBF software solutions by their decision to install the system at all US locations within only 14 months. On that account QBF will spread its area of operations in the United States at one go to Boston (Massachusetts), St. Louis and Kansas City (Missouri), Appleton (Wisconsin), Oakland (California), Atlanta (Georgia) and Winter Haven (Florida).

Monarch Imaging in Strongsville, Ohio, is yet another US company that has given its nod to QBF this year. Monarch Imaging, a trade shop recently acquired by Cyber Graphics (Memphis, Tennessee), is now defining the next steps for the future of the company. Monarch Imaging intends to deploy the globally unique MIS solution ARAMIS from QBF for its internal organization and production control. The objective is to achieve the maximum in transparency, increased automation and an improvement in productivity. Monarch's clients are also integrated into the processes by means of the QBF Internet portals. EskoArtwork’s AE12 as well as WebCenter are seamlessly integrated via JDF/JMF. It is now clear: Monarch Imaging has secured a decisive competitive advantage in the US markets by investing in the QBF business solutions.

ARAMIS and also the QBF-Portals will be employed at several production sites of YRG Group Ltd. in York, Great Britain. YRG was in search of a system which could support uniform job management in spite of a multitude of specifications requirements, including Flexo- and Sleeve-production while also integrating brand owner. Finally, at the beginning of 2011 they found QBF.

QBF has created a new service, with which all QBF customers can submit all their support enquiries quickly and transparently. As of now, a practical online portal for questions, requests, and customisation jobs has been made available. It allows QBF clients to access the status of their request, and the associated data and documents at any time. [more]

You too can benefit from the service by way of a simple registration:
Please call Frank Nigbur at +49 (0)221 - 399091-0.

QBF branch out: Colorite Group in New Zealand starts with ARAMIS
New Zealand's leading prepress tradeshop, The Colorite Group, has decided to implement the ARAMIS MIS solution. [more]

The InTouch Group Ltd. implements QBF MIS solution
One of the largest and most successful British packaging prepress companies, The InTouch Group Ltd. based in Leeds, has recently decided to introduce the Management Information Systems (MIS) by QBF. [more]

QBF's long-time business partner EskoArtwork confirms leadershp of ARAMIS
For many years, QBF and EskoArtwork® have been successfully cooperating as specialists for the packaging prepress stage. In the latest overview of common customers, ARAMIS is the leading partner-MIS for EskoArtwork®, with 29 use cases, and the only one named for the prepress sector. [more]

ARAMIS is the leading MIS Business Solution for German PrePress-Companies in the packaging market. ESKO Artwork is a leading supplier in the packaging stage as well. Both companies installed very successful use cases by connecting the MIS and ESKO BackStage / WebCenter. Please learn more about the multiple possibilities of integration between these business solutions:
Here you can see the Demo-Movie
Success story of Horst Gries GmbH & Co KG (PDF, 120 KByte)