The Quick Brown Fox GmbH, or QBF, have been concentrating on the development of job management solutions for prepress for more than 30 years. QBF now offers fully developed and highly specialized products related to the MIS (Management Information Systems) ARAMIS and the customer web portals PORTOS. These worldwide unique, and at the same time extremely versatile industry solutions are in use in all areas of prepress and in media businesses: Whether you provide flexo plates, sleeves, cylinders for rotogravure, print-ready files, or just the artwork – each business can profit by the profound industry expertise and customised solutions offered by The Quick Brown Fox GmbH (QBF) based in Cologne.

  • Leader in packaging prepress

    Particularly providers of packaging prepress services invest in costly production and manufacturing solutions. The demand for efficient usage, cost reduction, and automation is therefore particularly high in this segment. QBF has been working for the last 30 years to fulfill these demands and now offers worldwide unique solutions for prepress service providers in packaging: ARAMIS and PORTOS. An important reason why the company has reached a leadership position in the industry is their successful cooperation with manufacturers of production workflow systems, in particular Esko, Kodak, Dalim, or Hybrid Software. QBF’s cooperation efforts are focused on an automated data transfer through interfaces and optimised integration potential – a beneficial philosophy, especially for the customers.

  • Unique and yet "Out-of-the-box"

    At first glance, the demand for maximum flexibility seems to contradict the utilization of an out of the box product. QBF can prove that the opposite is the case. For more than 30 years, QBF has concentrated on developments for the prepress industry, where customized client solutions and close communication with the customer as well as market flexibility are a must-have, while costs should remain manageable. QBF has succeeded in combining all these elements, while providing comprehensive, industry specific standard functionalities. The spectrum of intelligent, customisable options allows for simple and fast deployment. This mix of maximised individuality and comparably low resource requirements is completely unique within the software sector.

  • Practial, customer-friendly and future proof

    The prepress sector has undergone marked changes over the past 30 years. QBF clients could always rely on having the most up-to-date industry solutions at their fingertips. QBF benefits from their close proximity to the market and close cooperation with our clients. Relevant suggestions are taken on board quickly, and transformed into new features and functionalities, which not only enhances capabilities and performance levels in regards to all products pertaining to ARAMIS, but also builds customer trust and loyalty, as well as making our product ultimately future-proof.

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