With this unique industry-specialized solution you can organize all workflows within your prepress company. You will have a fast and seamless workflow, a high degree of automation and the highest level of transparency and control. You will just be thrilled!

Aramis GS uses the most up-to-date web technologies: Without complicated software installations you can start with Aramis GS right away. All you need is a web browser – no matter if you are on a desktop pc, a tablet or a smartphone.

  • The most modern form of job management

    Aramis GS will include all your workflow processes: From quotation to billing, from work preparation to shipping, deadline monitoring and corrections. Aramis GS allows direct access to all relevant information for every department and team. Jobs, deadlines and costs are always transparent and under control. Once information has been entered, it is processed in an
    error-free and paperless way within your company. This also includes bidirectional exchange with third-party systems (e.g. from Esko).

  • Revolutionary job management

    Aramis GS provides for a flexible and effective job administration: Work with automatically created work instructions and combine your own work phases and tasks. Organise subjobs and manage multilayer SKUs – everything in line with your processes.

  • Tailor-made for your company

    An out of the box industry solution and individuality: Aramis GS unites them. The provided standard entry masks, forms and reports can be designed according to your needs. This flexibility makes Aramis GS your very own solution.

  • Open interfaces

    Aramis GS can automatically process job information from your customers. A bidirectional communication with your production
    workflow (e.g. Ekso Automation Engine) is guaranteed. You can also connect Softproof tools ad Media Asset Management
    systems. An export interface for financial data can of course be included, too.

  • Detailed reports

    Statistics and reports are the basis for effective cost controlling. Analyze your turnover per customer, services or cost centers. A Work in Progress report is available at one click. Individual reports can be created with the integrated report generating tool.