Prepress Packaging

  • Specifications for packaging prepress

    Precisely for the packaging print, it is important to collect very differentiated and specialised information per type of order. Besides the fundamental specifications for Flexo, Klischee or cylinder gravure, the particulars for the respective product differ – from corrugated cardboard to labels to plastic foils.

    With ARAMIS packaging, you can not only clearly project these specific specifications on the workflow and the job data but also your individual requirements. Revert to numerous existing user interface templates as well as our many years of experience if it involves making ARAMIS packaging your specialised and personal job management solution with comparatively less expenditure.

  • Automation through interfaces

    The central acquisition of specific job-related information in ARAMIS gives you many advantages:  besides the optimal overview or a perfect archive for subsequent jobs, transfer of data via the intranet as a digital portfolio is possible for instance.

    Special increase of efficiency can be achieved with the interface transfer of job data to production systems. Through such automation – for example via JDF, XML or Hotfolder – a maximum reduction of expenses and errors achieved. Through data backflow, even production-sided corrections (e.g. the colour information) or performance data for billing can be transferred back to ARAMIS.

  • Customer loyalty through PORTOS

    The PORTOS internet portal is used very frequently especially in the packaging prepress. The internet-based integration of branded companies or printing press clients in the prepress workflow bring advantages to all parties involved: order data is keyed in directly by the client, duties are clearly assigned, the job status is constantly comprehensible, approvals can be made online and documented, data is stored in a central place and each time it is clearly recorded who has done what.

    Many clients of the prepress companies would not like to do without this service. A solution such as the PORTOS internet portal is in the meantime demanded. The provider – the ARAMIS user – profits a lot on his part:  customer loyalty is clearly increased through the usage of the portal. Furthermore, the portal simplifies even internal communication between the customer consultants or the different locations just as with the suppliers.