Sucessful worldwide

For 30 years, QBF has been a successful partner for solutions in the prepress industry. We proudly look back on more than 300 installations worldwide. Every customer with their individual goals for optimization has received a personalized consulting with us.

Our success is based on the excellent industry-specific know-how of the QBF Team. Ever since the digital workflow started, we have been at home in prepress and are extremely acquainted with the manifold requirements of our customers. This makes QBF the perfect partner: We know the topics you are talking about. We will provide you with detailed guidance around all challenges. We can address to every specific requirement of yours. And we deliver the tailor-made solutions you need for your success.

Our customers are small and medium-sized prepress companies as well as global prepress enterprises mostly from packaging. Get informed about our know-how, just talk to us. We will be pleased to present a solution for your requirements.

This database provides almost everything automatically – with full customization. The best part? No more searching. And no more errors.

Joachim Nestaras
Joachim NestarasStichnothe Druckformen GmbH

We don’t have errors with barcodes anymore. One entry in the customer portal is enough, and then the barcode is everywhere it needs to be.

Holger Stier
Holger StierGlatz Klischee GmbH

We’re among the fastest and most flexible engraving shops in Europe. One reason for that is ARAMIS from QBF. Order Entry, job control, management, workflow — everything is easier.

Patrick Ahler
Patrick AhlerAKG - Ahler Gravuren GmbH

The approval process doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s also better documented. That way, everyone benefits – including us.

Tim Falkenhagen
Tim Falkenhagentapas GmbH

All job files are one mouseclick away. And I really mean all of them. All of that is thanks to ARAMIS.

Philipp Jüde
Philipp JüdeHorst Gries GmbH & Co. KG